March 24, 2005

F.O. Photos are up!

A flurry of Foreign Object photos have been posted for your viewing pleasure.

This first batch represents all the digial images of F.O. that are currently in my possession. Future updates will include new photos that need to be scanned in.

Click on the "photos" link on the banner or click on this link to jump to the photo gallery.

January 14, 2005

End of an Era — FTW Closes Shop

Following the departure of its greatest champion, Anarchy, FTW found itself in a wild tailspin, wasting insane amounts of money wooing all the other living legends of the sport.

Earlier this month, FTW announced that, due to financial difficulties, they would be closing their doors immediately

Having long considered the FTW their home, Foreign Object members Spike Liberty, Dr. Death "Killer" Kavorkian and Scarface the Womanizer announced they would not be seeking contracts in rival wrestling organizations.

Spike is rebuilding his religious compound, which burned to the ground two years ago, and has announced plans to start several new families.

Dr. Death is returning to day-to-day operation of his drive-through clinic in St. Elsewhere, Michigan.

Scarface is also returning to day-to-day operation of his business, but not until he alters his training regimen to "get his bitch-slappin hand back into shape." He said he expects to be back on the mean streets of Miami by the end of the month. will ultimately update the site with an archive of pictures and sounds from Foreign Object.

Before disbanding, Foreign Object left its fans with one final thought: "We were Foreign Object, and you still ain't nothin' but garbage!"

January 13, 2005

F.O. Photo Links Coming Soon

A photo gallery is in place, and will be populated shortly. It's going to retain its default appearance for the time being but will eventually be customized to match the rest of the site more closely. Check back soon for brand new old pictures of Foreign Objects and other friends from Foreign Object shows!